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Vacuum Connectors and Adapters

Vaccum Hose Connectors

Hose connectors are used for connecting two or more pieces of vacuum hose.  Made to fit hoses from 1 ¼" - 3" inside diameter.  These are available as threaded connectors or to fit inside a hose cuff. 

Hose Fittings and Adapters, Dust Collector Hose

Connect vacuum hoses to attachments or to vacuum equipment.  Fits hoses from 1 ½" - 2" inside diameter.  These adapters are available in plastic, aluminum or chrome steel.

Discharge Hose Inlet Adapters

Available in 1 ½" – 2 1/8" chrome steel or black plastic. Connect vacuum hose to vacuum inlets. Y connectors in 1 ½" and 2" will connect two vacuum hoses to a vacuum cleaner inlet or another vacuum hose.
Dust Collector Wall Inlet Valves, Air Intake

Wall inlet valves are nickel plated brass bodies with a carbon steel cover that is polished nickel chrome. Available in sizes 1 ½" - 2" ID.  We also offer ½" - 2" steel hose adapters.

Two and a Quarter Inch Vacuum Tools and Accessories

Commonly known as Shop-Vac equipment, the 2 ¼" accessories can be used anywhere a wet/dry vacuum is found. In black only, these include floor tools, dust brushes, crevice tools and a large variety of adapters and connectors.
Vacuum Air Intake Hose Cuffs for Carpet Cleaning

Hose cuffs may be used to connect a hose to a vacuum attachment or a vacuum inlet. Normally made from PVC, they are flexible and easy to install. Many sizes and colors available.
Vacuum Hose Reducers

Reducer cuffs and enlarger cuffs are available in many different configurations and sizes ranging from 1" – 2". Stocked colors are gray and black.
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